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Cacey Taylor
Published by: Cacey Taylor on 06-Sep-19
Review of Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch

George Kosch, your personal Bootcamp Instructor welcomed all participants to the LIVE interactive home business bootcamp training session offered every Friday by Worldprofit.

Main Discussion Topic

1. Engaging with prospects on a personal level. What you need to know.

2. Offers. How offers increase sales. How Worldprofit has made it easy for you to make offers.

3. Follow up with your prospects. Why it matters so much.

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Worldprofit is now offering in limited supply, lead packages. We've been searching for some time now for a company or service that could provide our customers with quality leads. Real people interested in an Online business opportunity, MLM or other affiliate type money making program. Our criteria was high. Leads had to be REAL people who requested information on a home based business by filling out an online form in the last few days. They could not be harvested, recycled or fakes. We've finally found a source that provides what we insisted on and we could recommend to our members! So...we are now offering our members... 25 or 50 lead packages. In your Member area, click on Prospects on the top menu and follow the order link near the top. These are provided in limited supply to keep the qualify HIGH.


Featured/Recommended Sites (Sign up, Worldprofit Members get 90 days FREE) (JING)

George concluded the training today by offering free upgrades at for a number of Members who attended today. One more reason to attend the LIVE training, George likes to surprise people with freebies, and insider information.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session today. This training is for you. By attending we can answer your questions, show demonstrations on screen and gear the training to your needs. You also learn about how to best use the tools, resources and aids in your member area so you can build any online business.

The recording of the session can be viewed in 24 hours in your Member area:

Next LIVE training session is September 13, 2019.



Not a member of Worldprofit yet? Get a free Worldprofit Associate membership at When you do we have a free traffic package for you! 

Republished with author's permission by Cacey Taylor